Radonna Patterson is well-recognized for her expertise in diagnosing and treating structural body problems. She established BODYWORKS in 1990 and is licensed in bodywork and massage therapy. She is certified in Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and GYROKINESIS®. She began her career as a dancer and choreographer and has taught and performed internationally since 1982.

Radonna's personal experience with a severe back injury led her to study a variety of body therapies and create her own style of treatment. Incorporating techniques from various body movement methods, as well as massage therapy, Radonna has developed and integrated, hands-on approach to addressing structural issues with a goal of treating the causes of pain, rather than just the symptoms.

BODYWORKS' reputation for excellence has attracted an outstanding staff of certified massage and movement therapists who work with clients to design individual wellness programs. BODYWORKS is the first host studio for
GYROTONIC®, and GYROKINESIS® training in North Carolina and offers regular teacher training workshops.