Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I begin at BodyWorks?
The initial consultation will consist of a medical history discussion, postural evaluation, physical assessments, and either a bodywork session or a movement therapy session depending on the client's personal needs. To read about one client's experience, click here.

2. How many times does one need to attend a Pilates session per week?
Each client requires different needs, depending on whether rehabilitation is in order, or a general conditioning program is desired. Radonna and staff recommend 2-3 sessions per week to benefit a client's goal, along with emphasis in pursuing cardiovascular workouts on off days from BodyWorks.

3. What is the difference in bodywork and massage?
We regard bodywork as a "process-oriented" pursuit to general good health focusing on chronic pain patterns, mis-alignment, and neuromuscular problems. We also specialize in Swedish techniques that allows a client to relax and be nurtured.

4. What is the difference in GYROTONIC® sessions versus Pilates sessions, and how do you distinguish the client's needs?
Each methodology provides a unique form of movement therapy. While Pilates establishes a strong core through a linear format, utilizing spring tension on various pieces of equipment, GYROTONIC® movements allow freedom of range of motion in a circular flow using a sophisticated apparatus. Both methods are beneficial for everyone, but at BodyWorks we personalize each client's needs and desires based upon our expertise and training.

5. Do you design home programs if one cannot attend BodyWorks on a regular basis?
Yes! Many of our clients travel and cannot be consistent in their therapeutic workouts on our premises, so we create a personalized home program for maintenance. These exercises are derived from use with therabands, physioballs, exercises taken from the Pilates Mat programs and GYROKINESIS®.

6. What makes BodyWorks different than other facilities in the area?
We specialize in treating each individual uniquely, even in our semi-private sessions. Integrating bodywork with movement therapy has been Radonna's approach for the past 25 years. Although BodyWorks is not the only studio that offers this approach to treatment and fitness, BodyWorks was the first studio in North Carolina to introduce Pilates and its benefits associated with hands-on manual therapy. BodyWorks was also the first studio to host GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® trainings in North Carolina.