The Pilates-based method of movement concentrates on building core strength
to condition, tone, align and bring balance to the whole body. Key to this system of stretching and strengthening are correct posture and alignment, correct breathing and joint release. Pilates will reward you with a sense of well-being that comes with the physical benefits of a stronger, leaner and more flexible body. Pilates can also re-educate your body to prevent injury. Pilates sessions, tailored to your specific needs, are offered in small groups of two to four people. Sessions at BODYWORKS are taught by certified Pilates instructors. Private one-on-one sessions taught by Radonna and staff are a very valuable way of learning and understanding Pilates.

Structural Bodywork
BODYWORKS specializes in the analysis and treatment of physical discomfort and chronic pain. This therapeutic approach looks for the cause, whether from injury, overuse, underuse, or the post-operative healing process. BODYWORKS specialists assist you with the re-alignment and repair of the body using a variety of modalities.

Massage Therapy
Relieve tension, promote deep relaxation and soothe injured muscles through Swedish, Cranio-Sacral and deep tissue massage therapy. All massage therapists are licensed and certified.

GYROKINESIS® training works the entire body by mobilizing and articulating the spine through a series of rhythmic and fluid movements. Taught in small classes without special equipment, GYROKINESIS® training provides an excellent movement workout that gives you new-found energy.

A revolutionary new concept in fitness, the GYROTONIC® system emphasizes movement and articulation of the joints while mobilizing them in a circular motion. It incorporates principals from gymnastics and swimming, and combines the flexibility and grace of dance with the endurance and focus of yoga. Exercises are performed on the unique GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® equipment, designed by Juliu Horvath. It simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body with minimal impact while increasing range of motion, endurance, and coordination. GYROTONIC® exercises are particularly helpful in relieving joint pain and improving flexibility.

Ball Class
This method of exercise uses a large ball to facilitate coordination, fitness, and balance. Ball classes are scheduled periodically. Get on the Ball, a video by Radonna Patterson that emphasizes spinal stabilization and range of motion exercises is available at BODYWORKS.


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